Individual Therapy

Constraint Induced Movement therapy, or CI Therapy, is a family of treatments that teach the brain to "rewire" itself. CI Therapy is effective in children who have limited use of one side of their body.

In the individual therapy program, your child will be seen daily by an occupational therapist trained in CI Therapy. This intensive approach is 3-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 2-3 weeks. On the first day of the program each child is evaluated to identify needs and determine goals. A removable fiberglass cast is made for the child to wear on their less affected side 24 hours daily for the entire time the child is participating in the program.

Each day the child will participate in activities to improve:

Use of arm, hand and fingers
Skills for self care (e.g., dressing, feeding)
Awareness of the weaker side
Confidence and motivation

Other therapeutic interventions such as splinting, kinesiotaping, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation may be incorporated during treatment.

Staff: Your child will receive individual intensive therapy from a pediatric occupational therapist with specialized training in CI Therapy.

Children: Those that benefit most from this program are those who have limited use of one arm and hand, at least 18 months old, and able to follow directions and maintain attention for several minutes at a time. Goals are more easily attained for children who have some use of their affected arm and hand at the beginning of the program.

The Family: Family/caregivers are encouraged to participate in the program in order to help their child continue to use his/her arm and hand in everyday activities. Home practice is an integral part of CI therapy. Caretakers will be given home practice activities to carry out with each child both during and after the program in order to assure optimum skill retention.

Where is the treatment location? Whenever possible, treatment will take place in the child's natural environment. This may include the child's home or temporary residence, school, daycare, etc. Housing is not included in the cost of services; however we have discounted rates available for an extended stay hotel.

What is the typical day of therapy?
During your child's treatment day, they will participate in a variety of functional and play activities based on their treatment goals. Activities are fun, motivating, and incorporate the latest technologies. Daily treatment includes family education and individualized home programs.

Cost? Cost varies according to the specific program designed for your child. A deposit is required at time of registration with full payment due by the start of treatment. We would be glad to assist in running your insurance benefits to determine if coverage is available.

For more information contact:
Charlene Kurkjian, OTR/L CI
Program Director
Call 404-933-9869

You are also welcome to print or download a flier to share with your doctor, therapist, family member, or friend: Powerhouse Therapy Flyer

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