“When Amelia Jane came home from camp I was so impressed with the progress she had made.  Her arm is so much stronger and I can see she has many skills she didn't have prior to attending camp.  For instance prior to camp she could not grasp a small ball (1-2 inch) with her R hand only.  Now she can pick one up and throw overhand with R hand.  Amelia Jane gets OT 1 time a week and PT every other week over the summer.  She wears "castie" during her OT sessions and her OT has also noticed a huge improvement.  We have made "castie" an important part of home life as well.  With "castie" on Amelia Jane can feed her baby brother using R arm, she eats dinner most nights with R hand, eats popcorn on movie nights, maintains weight bearing in side sitting on R arm while listening to 3/4 of a Justin Bieber song, and plays many games with mommy and daddy practicing her fine motor control.  I have also noticed a huge improvement in her confidence and her use of R UE even without "castie' on.  I am so glad we had the opportunity to bring her up there.  The gains she has made and the newfound confidence are priceless. It was so great to meet you all.  Thank you for all of your hard work.”  Leah

"I can tell a definite difference in the quality of function in Kevin's affected hand and he had a great time at camp." — Erin

"Hunter has finally realized that lefty is there and can help. He has begun to try and use it a lot more, not just transferring objects to that hand, but actually uses it to assist. He was motivated by the other children and adjusted better than I expected." — Lisa

"Josh thoroughly enjoyed camp. He looked forward to coming every day. He benefited by being around other kids with similar disabilities. He gained understanding of the importance of strengthening his right side and confidence that he can do anything he wants." — Anilda

Carson went from not using his right hand at all to becoming aware of it and using it >50% of the time in everyday tasks. Specifically, putting on socks, buckling his seatbelt, opening/unlocking doors, carrying multiple objects at one time, texting, dressing/putting on shoes. More importantly I feel he gained the knowledge and confidence he needed to use his right hand. He really “gets” how using 2 hands will make his life easier. One of the biggest rewards of the camp was seeing Carson take “ownership” of what is required of him to reach his goals. Mom of Carson age 13

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