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Children Can Have Strokes

December 19, 2018

Most people do not know that children can have strokes. In fact, pediatric strokes occur at the highest rate in infants who are younger than 1 month old, about 1 in every 2800. While most people may not be aware of these statistics, the kids, and their parents, who struggle with the life-long effects of…


December 19, 2018

Our son has left-side hemiparesis from a stroke suffered at birth. Rehabilitation has been critical to ameliorate the effects of fine and gross motor losses even as an infant and toddler. CIMT was started at age 3 with remarkable results. Beginning at age 9, we began annual CIMT sessions during the summer to supplement our…

Carson on Cerebral Palsy

December 19, 2018

Carson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 8 months old. We spent years in physical & occupational therapy which benefited Carson greatly and kept him “on track”. However, about 5th grade the demands of school and Carson’s own interest made weekly therapy visits seem impossible. The pre-teen growth spurt hit and before we…


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