Our son has left-side hemiparesis from a stroke suffered at birth.

Rehabilitation has been critical to ameliorate the effects of fine and gross motor losses even as an infant and toddler. CIMT was started at age 3 with remarkable results.

Beginning at age 9, we began annual CIMT sessions during the summer to supplement our daily exercise program. Dramatic advancements using fasteners, hand brakes on his bike, page turning, door knob turning/opening, medium-size buttons, video games, and improvement with many other bilateral tasks have been achieved.

Maintaining the higher levels of function entails daily practice and strengthening exercises which requires dedication from both the parents and, most importantly, our son. Exercise has become his normal routine, one of the many lessons learned at CIMT. He understands the benefits of CIMT, and wants to improve.

This year he will continue with a new supplemental program Powerhouse Therapy has created for older kids.
We are supporters of CIMT because the results have been so impressive.

– Parents to a 12 year old boy