Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions not covered here please call or contact Powerhouse Therapy.

What is the cost of these programs?

Cost varies according to the program designed for your child and will be discussed during your phone consult. A deposit is required at time of registration. Payment can be made in full or divided into 3 payments, via credit card or check.

Does insurance cover the cost of therapy?

PHT is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, all other insurance companies are out of network. We would be happy to run your benefits prior to the program. Many families have gotten partial to full coverage for our services. Invoices can also be submitted to HSA for reimbursement. PHT is not a Medicaid provider.

What is the refund policy? What if I decide to go on vacation or my child gets sick?

We know it’s difficult to figure out summer schedules. Our refund policy allows you to enroll early without risk.

  • Up to one month before scheduled start date:
    Full refund, less $50 application fee
  • Within one month of scheduled start date:
    Full refund less $1,000 deposit

Program fees are not refunded or prorated for days missed due to illness or injury. An effort is made to make up missed days.

What is the child/staff ratio?

We maintain a 1:1 child to staff ratio.

Who is the staff at PHT?

Staff is comprised of occupational therapists with specialty training in CIMT. Physical Therapists are available for consultations and Aqua Therapy sessions with additional fee.

What if my child has sensory delays or other special needs other than hemiparesis?

Adaptations are made for various difficulties your child faces. Behavioral disorders cannot be accommodated due to safety of others.

Is it possible for my child to attend the CIMT program for less than 4 weeks?

Due to the specialty of constraint-induced therapy and current research, progress is made over an extended period of time. However, the program can be customized based on your child’s tolerance to therapy and family needs. Two-week brush-up sessions are provided for those who have attended previous CIMT programs.

Can I stay and observe my child during therapy?

Parents meet with their therapist at the start and prior to dismissal each day to complete a questionnaire and review daily home programming. Specific days/times are also scheduled for parents to actively participate with the therapist so that skills my be more easily transferred to the home environment. Siblings are unable to attend during these sessions.

Is there a way to offset the cost of your program?

Families have had success with completing their own fundraising to assist with cost. Ideas include: Create a page for online fundraising (, carwash, bake sale, craft or garage sale, golf outings, walks and runs, donations in lieu of birthday gifts, “thon” events: bowl, dance, hop, haircut, karate.

My child has had a history of seizures. Can he/she participate in the CIMT program?

Yes, as long as the seizures are managed.

Are there any exclusions for the CIMT program?

Yes, if the child has an inability to participate in purposeful activity, or if the child has contractures, which limit functional arm use.